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Celebrity Reviews


Henry Winkle (aka The Fonz)

“Very truthful act”

David Walliams

“Loved it”
Alicia Dixon

“She’s got some guts!

 Lee Mack

“Long career ahead!”

Shane Ritchie

“Funniest person I know”
Sharon Rooney (lead actress, ‘My Mad Fat Diary’)


Media Reviews


“Devitt sure has one finger on the pulse to being the us seeker to Boyle, not in material, in determination.”

Daily Mail

“The best part of the Fringe is seeing new raw talent, with the passion to make it work. DirectDevitt has this.”


“Anna Devitt – A live wire. Surprisingly revealing gutsy comedienne.”

Chortle Comedy

“Compere was Anna Devitt, the most traditionally-styled but also the most wildly successful act of the three.  Devitt surely has one hand on the title of female successor to Frankie Boyle.  She worked the crowd with supreme confidence, unleashing frank banter.”

David Pollock , The Scotsman 

Corporate Reviews

“The devised show was fabulous, what a great staff building exercise.”

John Scott,  Shell Manager

“You were fantastic! You can hold the crowd. The banter you have with the crowd comes to you naturally. Deffo would hire you again without a doubt!”

Sam Stirling, Singer FC

Reviews From Fellow Comedians

“One of the funniest and hard-working female acts on the circuit.”

Naz Hussain, Breakneck Comedy

“Anna Devitt is one of the most dedicated comedians in Scotland today. She can compere,do very funny stand up and has the talent to do characters well. She is totally professional in all she does and I have had great pleasure in working with her. Anna has never let me down and if you are thinking of booking her,do so.”

Greg Davysson, Stand Up Sit Down Comedy

“DEVITT gave up her 9-5 to pursue her comedy dreams, a decision well made. Her sets deliver fast-paced material, peppered with higher-than-average cheap jokes (her admission) but offset by supremely elegant wordplay she weaves into her routines.”

NATY, New Act of the Year Competition

“One of the most satisfying aspects of the largest arts festival in Europe is that it promotes an abundance of new and raw talent. The Fringe has always made welcome those who have a dream and the energy and conviction to make it a reality. Shows need not be big in budget or in a specific genre as so long as there is passion and creativity there will be an audience worthy of its attention.

One such production is Mammy ,a play which combines drama with quick wit, physical comedy and a even a spot of tap dancing. The story, performed by an all female cast, is of Mammy, who after providing for her four, now-grown, daughters is seeking a new role in life – that of a woman in love.”

Victoria McKillop, The Skinny Mag

“I worked with Anna during the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe, on our show Jane & Anna’s Dish of the Day. Throughout a seriously soggy month Anna was bright, bubbly and generally great to work with. Her enthusiasm never waivered, no matter what and she was as full of beans at the end as on day one. This woman has more energy and sparkle than a whole box of Berocca.”

Jane Walker