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Banter & Video’s


“It all started when I was 5 years old, out in the garden of my childhood home in Shawlands, Glasgow.  My older cousin – who was obsessed with weddings (aren’t all little girls? ) – decided to plan one for fun.  My sister was the bride,  my neighbour Christopher was the groo m, and I was the flower girl.  Everyone in the tenements of our street were out that summer day for the wedding – even the resident dogs had bows tied around them!  It was my first taste of a performance and I loved it!!!  We still have the pictures.  From that day on, I dreamed that one day I would stand on a stage, not just grass!!!  I wanted to be a teacher or an actress from a young age, but leaving school at 12 meant that no matter what I did in life, I was going to have to work hard and learn fast.”

Childhood Acting

“Mum put me into PACE at 8 years old (that was 1997), and I will never forget her face when I got the main part as president baby.  I loved acting from that moment, and went on to study production in my teenage years.  Maureen Cairns became my agent, and every Saturday I would go to drama classes.  My first TV job was when I was 14 in an advert for the Irn-Bru Carnival – nothing brands you more Glaswegian than that, eh?  I spent a year at Glasgow Nautical College when I was 18, and was lucky to be picked up by the Citizens Young Company.  Many of the people I worked with then are still good friends.  I loved the whole experience; we got to perform on the main stage as well as work with kids from an American drama school among other exciting thin gs.  My last ever part on stage at ‘The Citz’ was as Auntie Lily, a lady from the Deep South who appeared in a dream to let her niece know she was okay after her sudden death.  In honour of this, my first car was named after her!”


Comedy: The New Challenge

“At 19, I decided to try stand-up comedy, and enrolled in a course at the University of Strathclyde with Viv Gee.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot.  However, I was young and only completed a few gigs before boys, dancing and a full-time job inevitably took over.  I became a supervisor at Virgin Cosmetics, and I owe a hell of a lot to ‘The Virgins’ as we were known!!!”


Working Hard and Following My Dreams

“At 22, Virgin Cosmetics went into liquidation, and I promised myself then that I would chase my dreams.  I obtained a company law degree and founded DirectDevitt with the help of my best friends, Katrina Lamont and Sharon Rooney (both whom I met in college), my Auntie Cathie and cousin Cassandra (the one obsessed with weddings!).  I contacted the Princes Trust for support, and I am truly grateful for all their help.  Even now, they still continue to support the business and offer solid advice!!  Cathie Devitt wrote ‘Mammy’, a story of a Glasgow ‘Wummin’ trying to find her way in life, and whose daughters were all named after a brand cider (Magners Cider was the main sponsors back then!).  Sharon and I were tour managers and, despite me actually being in Essex promoting theatre in education,while she was doing the same elsewhere, we all spoke everyday.   We came together as a team and took ‘Mammy’ to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival in 2011 where it sold out.  Following this, we performed it at the Edinburgh Fringe where it became a 5 star show.  The Glasgow show is still one of my career highlights as my sister made a guest appearance as a belly dancer, and it’s the only comedy show my gran has ever attended.  She was “proud of the wee family, doing a turn!”.  There were tears and there were tantrums, but we got through it and beyond as the next stop for ‘Mammy’ was at the Henley Fringe!  Let’s just say that, in this posh and affluent area, we were “the talk of the town”; 5 twenty-something Glaswegian women, and a comedy show in a brewery………….”


Laughter Therapy

“In 2012, I decided that I wanted to learn more, so I trained as a laughter therapy teacher and began devising workshops for under-educated children.  This has since become one of my main passions.  I am honoured to have had the opportunity to work with Renfrewshire Council, Barnardos, Fair Bridge, and Invest in 2013. These kids are the future and it’s been a real pleasure getting to know them.  DirectDevitt even won recognition in 2012 by reaching the final of ‘ROCCO Young Business Person’ and semi-final of Glasgow’s Got Business Talent.  In the same year, myself and Sharon seriously established our double-act, ‘Rooney & Me’, and what fun we had!!  She once went up against me in a competition and I totally panicked; Sharon’s one of the best performers I know, but she’s an even better mate.  Rooney & Me’s highlight had to be when Emile Sande preceded us at a charity event….that’s a moment where you pat yourself on the back and think “well done!”.  Our act sold out at the Glasgow Comedy Festival in 2012, but we couldn’t face the all the handing out flyers and energy-sapping promotional work again, so we missed Edinburgh Fringe (though we had performed three shows a day the previous year so we ain’t work shy!).”

2013 was also the year I performed on Britain’s Got Talent – now there’s an experience!!!  It was an amazing experience and I am happy to have reached the nation’s final 200.  Yes, the judges were lovely….and Ant & Dec really are tiny!  The best but craziest thing about my appearance on BGT (other than the car breaking down in London while my audition was in Glasgow, approximately 400 miles away) was that it took place only hours after I had performed in front of a crowd of 3,500 at the Bloomsbury Theatre with Jenny Éclair.  The whole affair cost me a fortune to have my car towed home, and culminated in my mate Natalie completing a 500-mile-round-trip to get me there on time!  But, it was worth it, because if I hadn’t performed on BGT, I wouldn’t have received a tweet from Vicky Pollard.  She even followed me on twitter!  I am 25, but I’m ashamed to admit that I cannot work twitter for the life of me, and don’t understand social media!!!!  I really wish she had just called….”

Truffle, “The Belly on the Telly”

“As for my character ‘Truffle’ (the talking belly), everyone always asks “how did you come up with it?”  Well, the answer is that Truffle was invented for my mum.  When I was little, I would do impressions of people and accents to make her smile when she was having a bad day.  I unleashed my tummy impersonations at college for the girls when they were down one day and it went down a storm!  As chance would have it, I was eventually booked for a gig at a belly dancing event.  My mum suggested that I use Truffle as part of the routine, so my sister whipped out some face paint, and the rest is history.   From then on, she has been the most requested joke at my shows; she’s more famous than me!!!!  Truffle was even booked to be a SURPRISE present for a woman’s 50th birthday!  The day I was asked to do that was honestly a humble moment.

2014 seen me Support Frankie Boyle at Oran Mor – a gig that genuine changed my life! Played Peaches Nesbitt in Rab C – there aren’t words to describe what an honor that was as a wee lassies who grew up in Glasgow and had a Father from Govan! 2015 I wrote So Many Men With another best friend.

And that brings us to now; 2016 Built the SQA Customized Award Comedy & Confidence and invented Sassy n Skint still going, still gigging, still learning, and still appreciating this crazy adventure that we call life…..

Living it.  Loving it.  Enjoying it.”